Thank you to my customer! You considerably contributed to 10 year’s success story!

The best way to predict the future is to shape it!

Lydia Budiner

It felt like only yesterday – the beginning of the story of my self-employment! Admittedly: It wasn’t an easy decision – because after more than 10 years of a national and international career at Pfizer, I didn’t know whether my business plan would work out. But I had the desire for change and many ideas in my luggage about how processes could be optimized or communication improved.

I still remember clearly my first small medical writing project in the context of the German Cancer Congress (DKK) in February 2012 with Prof. Gordon McVie (who unfortunately passed away in 2021). Then followed national and international consultant and trainer/(field) coaching projects with Roche, Bayer Health Care, Bayer Vital, Takeda, Astra Zeneca, Baxalta, Janssen Cilag, Otsuka, Sanofi Switzerland and Sanofi Germany, Novartis, Procter & Gamble (Pain Franchise), Karyopharm, 2Strom, Coliquio – just to name a few. Awards, like the one as “Professional of the Year 2015” confirmed me in my actions.

My credo: If you want to foresee the future, you have to shape it yourself! Shape your future now! This also means: No off-the-shelf solutions, but customized solutions for each company or individual.

The future of a company is largely determined by its stakeholders and how it deals with them. That’s why my first projects focused on stakeholder management and launch readiness. Later, other topics were added.

What I particularly appreciate about my freelance work is the constant change, always new challenges, always new companies with always different corporate cultures. Each company is its own state with its own “laws” and its own structures. Where and how else would I have met so many different philosophies, so many interesting people in such a short time. Some of these people I met again first in one company and then later in another company. You usually don’t see each other only once – this also proved to be the case with me – and often led to me being able to acquire new orders in new companies.

Now I would like to say THANK YOU to all these people and companies – thank you for the good cooperation, for the trust placed in me, the openness to new ideas, the joint shaping of the future. Actually, I had hoped to see some of you again at the Cancer Congress in February – that would have been a seamless continuation of the very first order from Gordon McVie. Unfortunately, the DKK has now been postponed until November – so I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much! I look forward to meeting again and to new contacts and challenges in the next 10 years 😊

Kind regards

Lydia Budiner